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How this site came about:

The course of our work, from around 2002-2014, involved going through lists of expiring domain names. There were maybe over 100,000 names per day in these lists. We were looking at these lists to identify commercial terms for our Internet development.

We were not interested in names we could see no "business" point to. We would tick names we liked.

But we also came across names... that were perhaps ...sad, that pointed to problems on our planet and in our societies.

Here's what we decided to do:

  1. We decided to register these names.
  2. We would build a simple webpage for most domains, with handpicked links which would hopefully help any visitors. We had to build manual pages in most cases as it was not appropriate to use commercial domain parking companies, with inappropriate links. (A few names were appropriate for parking).
  3. On the pages we built, we put a note that the name was available for free for non-profits and individuals.
We got a number of organisations who requested the names i.e. the idea worked; we have now reviewed every page, improved them up and built this central website, so we can ask others to also submit names that could be used by non-profits.

An apology

If this web site sounds too "businessy" or too "marketingy" for the subjects; or if it comes across as cold or clinical - we apologise unreservedly.

Look, here's the situation. If you're from a non-profit - thank you, you have given up your own material ambitions to help your fellow humans. But you're operating in a world were people are under pressure; busy jobs, busy families - busy lives.

But these people will help you - and want to help you. You have to communicate with them - and a large part of that is through your Internet domain.

So that's why we're here - to help you get your message across.


Basically,if you're a non-profit and wish to own one of these names, the only terms for free acquisition are that you wish to use the name for bona-fide purposes. If you end up not using the name, you must return it to us, so we can make it available for someone else. We will have to verify you are from the non-profit by a quick phonecall but that's it.

For individual people who wish to acquire a name for free, we'll have a chat; the only real condition is that your heart is in the right place.

Generally, we don't give the names to for-profits, however in some cases this might be appropriate; again the cost is free.

Get in touch with us if you want to acquire a name for free.

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